The Greyskull LCI Method 2: Garage Edition (Pre-Order with Giveaway)


The latest release from the evil mind of JP.

This comprehensive guide expands on the hyper-effective, and highly popular "LCI Method" as presented in JP's 2013 release: "The LCI Method: Twelve Weeks to a Movie Ready Physique".

This title presents some of JP's favorite "go-to" methods for when body composition changes are needed in a short period of time. Combining simple, no "B.S." strength training, with muscle building circuits, and fat blasting intervals, (as well as devious additional "layers" as typical with JP's methods), this title is sure to give you the tools necessary to make some serious changes in your physique in short order. 

This edition is far more detailed than its predecessor and presents the reader with extremely simple guidelines on how to develop their own LCI based programs, either for their own training, or for driving bad ass results for their own clients. 

Being "The Garage Edition", this book requires no equipment not commonly found in a reasonably outfitted garage gym, adjusting for many of the more common questions on adaptations for such received as feedback from the first edition. 

Add this title to your training library today and join the ranks around the globe of those who have used this powerful method to produce serious results!

***The official release date for this title has been adjusted to Friday, April 5, 2019. You will receive the book upon release and may select ANY of JP's existing titles which will be delivered absolutely free with the purchase of this pre-order (just reply to the confirmation email you receive and let us know the title that you want!***

***ADDITIONAL BONUS OPTION: JP has authorized another awesome bonus for his loyal followers that opt in for pre-order of this title. He is making the FREE book offer even better by offering both the pre-order of this book, a FREE, existing title of your choosing, AND a 60 minute single-session Personal Coaching call all for just $99! That's over $100 in savings when you choose this powerhouse option. Just select this option from the drop down menu to take advantage of this awesome offer!***

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