Greyskull Triple OG "Spray Paint" Tee


Years ago, when Johnny Pain started constructing his infamous backyard gym which would later evolve into the Greyskull Barbell Club, he and the dedicated few that braved the all weather conditions to train outdoors year-round wanted tees and hoodies to show their allegiance. 

This tee is copy of the first tees that JP and the others made out of a hand-cut cardboard stencil, and black spray paint. The tee is only available in heather gray, and white, because those were the only two colors that would take spray paint and hold (white on black did not work because the paint was not opaque enough). 

The screen that these shirts are printed with is made from the actual cardboard stencil that was originally used to make those classic, collectible tees, few of which are still in existence.

Each "member" of Greyskull back then had two or three of these tees, and collected grass and mud stains on the light colors (many of which did not always come out in the wash) which were worn with pride as badges of their allegiance to the most hardcore and outright evil gym in history. 

Pick yours up today and own a piece of Greyskull history. 

type: T-Shirts by: Villain
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